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Please check the firmware update page for information on updates the CAP-CP version of the ENDEC firmware. The remainer of this page is for US users only.

Announcements, News, and other Items of Interest

-- Updated Monday, July 25, 2016

Regarding the FCC's 6th Report and Order on EAS, with a July 30, 2016 implementation deadline.

Our software update has been released. The update is required to keep your ENDEC in compliance with the Part 11 rules. See the firmware page for details. We will be sending out email reminders to those who have registered their email adddress. This will occur overnight on July 25. The release includes:

  • Support for the national location (000000) code and priority treatment for NPT
  • An "auto filter" feature that will properly handle EAN and NPT events, even if you don't have a filter installed. This feature is on by default and highly recommended, the effect is that you will not need to update your settings file.
  • A verify button on the ENDEC's tools page that will let you know which filter will match a national NPT, and if your ENDEC will be compliant.
  • The new NWS event codes.
  • New intermediate certificates for IPAWS alert signatures.
If you have sent a message to with "add" as the subject, you will receive an email when future updates are made available.

We will not update the firmware for the model 1822. Support for that non-CAP product ended in 2011.

-- Updated February 11, 2015

More FEMA National Periodic (NPT) tests

FEMA is planning additional national and regional tests using the NPT event code. A successful test was run in West Virginia in 2014. You may be asked to participate in a test and you'll need add the NPT event to your ENDEC. Find detailed instructions and an instructional video on our FAQ page.

-- Updated November 7, 2014

Stored EAN alerts

If you are using any version of the Sage ENDEC, the October 24, 2014 "Bobby Bones" event did not store up an EAN event that will play out on November 9. Other than making sure you have strict time turned on, there is no additional action you need to take. The strict time checkbox is on the config tab of ENDECSetD. You should have that box selected.

Note, however, that any EAS device will relay the EAN on November 9 if some device upstream of you has stored the alert and plays it out at the correct time on November 9 - there is nothing that can be done to avoid that.

-- Updated October 31, 2014

Strict Time, Expired Alerts, and the October 24th incident

The replay of an old alert that was sent out on a syndicated radio program on October 24 has raised several questions. We address the issue of strict time and expired alerts in the FAQ. In case there is any doubt, the official word from us here at Sage is that you should have Strict Time turned ON. See the FAQ for more details.

-- Updated August 4, 2014

Root Certificate Update (89-8)

This change adds new root certificates, which are used for SSL connections. This solves a problem with audio files sent by CAP originator AlertSense when their HTTPS server is used. This corrects an issue for AlertSense users, particularly in Wisconsin where the ENDEC sent an alert with Text to Speech rather than the available audio file. Please read the firmware update page for information on the Root Certificate update (89-8).

-- Updated May 12, 2014

Microsoft IE11

Microsoft has made changes in Internet Explorer version 11 that causes the ENDEC's stream and show levels feature to not function. To correct this problem, we have released a small update. This re-enables the streaming function for IE11, and updates our levels applet to a javascript version that will run on IE11, as well as other modern browsers. If you upload the firmware update below, you will see the bouncing bar VU meter, as well as a table of level data when you click Show Input Levels. A more complete, though not as pretty, text table of level data is also available on the ENDEC's tools page, click the levels button under "other".

To install the update, download the vu3.x file and upload it with the upload firmware button on your ENDEC's home page. You need this update only if you want to stream with IE11, or if you want to see bouncing VU meters with chrome, firefox, or safari.

Install this update only on version 89-6 or greater.This update will be included with the future firmware updates.


A security certificate used to authenticate IPAWS messages has expired in the ENDEC. This will keep your ENDEC from receiving IPAWS CAP messages. You must install a small update in your ENDEC to re-enable IPAWS messages. Downloading and installing the update will take only a few minutes.

See the firmware update page for additonal information.

Read the release notes for details of problems fixed,
and download the firmware.

Update 89.6

Version 89.6 fixes a problem with text to speech. It also contains the previous fix from version 89.5, fixing a problem with alerts received from CAP, with embedded audio, or with a URI resource for audio, matching a filter with action set to automatic relay, or matching a filter set to Timed Relay with the ENDEC in automatic mode, the ENDEC will not play the audio for the alert if the audio is longer than one minute.

Read the release notes
and download the firmware.

Install only on systems that already have version 89, 89.1, 89.2, or 89.5.

Missing FEMA's RWT?

FEMA is sending an RWT every Monday at 11:00am for each U.S. time zone. If you did not receive the RWT, and your Sage ENDEC shows that you were connected to IPAWS, then you are running the old version 89 release. You need to be running version 89.6. You also need the certrificate update. See the firmware update page for additonal information.

Does your ENDEC have the latest software?

Click the version button on the ENDEC's home page, look at the Board Rev n/xx line. If xx is greater than or equal to 89.8, you have the latest software as of August 4, 2014. If the ENDEC's home page says "CAP Status: OK", and you are receiving an RWT from FEMA every Monday, then you are connected to the IPAWS server.

Installing an ENDEC for the first time?

See the Task Sheets on the FAQ page for additional installation help.

Once I install the release, how can I tell if it is working? I don't see any CAP messages in the log.

FEMA is sending one alert per time Monday. There are other several ways to tell if the ENDEC and the IPAWS server are communicating.

  • The top line on the ENDEC's home page will show a CAP status, "OK" if all CAP servers are running, or "Offline" if any are not.
  • A server by server summary is provided on the "tools" page.
  • A detailed set of statistics for each server is provided on the tools page.
  • If a server is offline (meaning the ENDEC can't poll it), the AUTO led will flash on the front panel, and a message will be placed in the front panel buffer.
  • The ENDEC will send an EMAIL message to the "errors" address list when a sever changes state from up to down, or down to up, with a few minutes of debounce so you aren't flooded by an intermittent connection.

If you are connected to IPAWS, and if FEMA sends an RWT to your time zone, you will see it on the ENDEC's log page if you have a filter that matches RWT and an originator of Civil Authorities.

What if your state doesn't have a CAP server?

It doesn't matter if your state has a CAP server or not, you'll still need to be able to receive the IPAWS messages. If you don't have any other way to get them (and many of you won't), you'll poll the federal IPAWS server. Some states are publishing CAP URLs, however, there is no standard method of delivering CAP messages. In many cases, the state, or Sage, or both will need to make adjustments to allow the ENDEC to poll the state server. Some states are sending CAP messages, but not in the dialect that the FCC requires. This will all be worked out in the coming weeks. For now, if you are polling the IPAWS server, you are FCC compliant.

Dotting the I's, crossing the T's

The 5th Report and Order did require manufacturers of combined CAP and EAS equipment like the Sage Digital ENDEC to file Class II permissive change paperwork with the FCC. We did so on the day the new rules were published in the Federal Register, April 23, 2012, and received the offical grant from the FCC on May 21, 2012.

Older News
FEMA Conformity Assessment Program

The Sage Digital ENDEC 3644 passed the FEMA CAP assessment test in 2011. Read more about it at FEMA's knowledge base site.

Satellite Delivery of CAP

Sage and Global Security Systems have developed a complete end to end CAP origination, transport, and broadcast dissemination system. If you want to extend your CAP capabilities beyond the Internet, learn more about Sage and GSS.

Digital ENDEC Users Guide and Reference Manual
The manuals page has the latest full version of the User's Guide and Reference Manual.

EAS-CAP Implementation Guide
Sage Alerting Systems, Inc., is proud to be a part of the EAS-CAP Industry Group (EGIC) which developed the CAP EAS Implementation Guide for the effective use of CAP and EAS. The Guide is included by the FCC in its Fifth Report and Order, updating the EAS rules in Part 11.

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