Rev95 Download Instructions

1. Enter your serial number.
Type or paste your serial number in this box, then click the Download My File button.
Save the resulting firmware file to your desktop or another convenient location.
2. Upload the firmware file to your ENDEC.
Once the download completes, open another browser tab and log in to your ENDEC.
Using the Upload Firmware page, select the firmware file and upload it to your ENDEC.
For further details on the firmware upload process, refer to the release notes.
3. Install ENDECSetD version 2.56 on your computer.
Download and run the ENDECSetD v2.56 installer.
For further details on important differences from past ENDECSetD versions, refer to the release notes.
4. Review and finalize settings.
Once the firmware update completes, you should change web access passwords, check levels and verify your settings in general. For details on new ENDEC features and other important considerations, refer to the "Other Things You Will Want To Do" section in the release notes.
An optional new patch has been issued for a few minor items for users who downloaded the release prior to December 18, 2019. Read the Patch Release Notes for details and installation instructions.
If you require assistance, please email