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Please check the firmware update page for information on updates the CAP-CP version of the ENDEC firmware. The remainder of this page is for US users only.

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Important Items

-- Updated Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FCC 2016 EAS Handbook

The FCC has released a revised EAS Operating Handbook. The FCC says "The Handbook’s new format was designed by industry and alerting stakeholder members of the Commission’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC)". Sage was part of the committee that worked on the recommendations for the new handbook. One of the recommendations of that committee was that each EAS device manufacturer provide additional information that will assist you in utilizing the FCC Handbook.

Sage has provided that information in a document intended to assist its users with the fill in the blanks portion of the FCC Handbook. Even though you have already provided a good set of instructions to your operators, we urge you to read the "Recovery Procedures" section of our document.

Download our handbook assistance document.

You must customize the FCC Handbook and place a copy " ... at normal duty positions or EAS equipment locations when an operator is required to be on duty and be immediately available to staff responsible for administering EAS tests." This must be done before the National Periodic Test scheduled for September 28, 2016.

-- Monday, July 25, 2016

Regarding the FCC's 6th Report and Order on EAS, with a July 30, 2016 implementation deadline.

Version 89-30 is the current version, and is required to keep your ENDEC in compliance with the Part 11 rules. See the firmware page for details. The release includes:

  • Support for the national location (000000) code and priority treatment for NPT
  • An "auto filter" feature that will properly handle EAN and NPT events, even if you don't have a filter installed. This feature is on by default and highly recommended, the effect is that you will not need to update your settings file.
  • A verify button on the ENDEC's tools page that will let you know which filter will match a national NPT, and if your ENDEC will be compliant.
  • The new NWS event codes.
  • New intermediate certificates for IPAWS alert signatures.
If you have sent a message to with "add" as the subject, you will receive an email when future updates are made available.

We will not update the firmware for the model 1822. Support for that non-CAP product ended in 2011.

-- Updated October 31, 2014

Strict Time

The replay of an old alert that was sent out on a syndicated radio program in 2014 raised several questions. We address the issue of strict time and expired alerts in the FAQ. In case there is any doubt, the official word from us here at Sage is that you should have Strict Time turned ON. See the FAQ for more details.

Missing FEMA's RWT?

FEMA sends an RWT every Monday at 11:00am for each U.S. time zone. If you did not receive the RWT, and your Sage ENDEC shows that you were connected to IPAWS, then make sure that:

  • You are running at least version 89-30.
  • You have included "Civil Authorities" or "All originators" in the originators list for your RWT filter.
  • If you have changed the language tag to only es-US, you need to change it to es-US,*en-US, see the detailed instructions.

Installing an ENDEC for the first time?

See the Task Sheets on the FAQ page for additional installation help.

Once I install the release, how can I tell if it is working? I don't see any CAP messages in the log.

FEMA is sending one alert per time Monday. There are other several ways to tell if the ENDEC and the IPAWS server are communicating.

  • The top line on the ENDEC's home page will show a CAP status, "OK" if all CAP servers are running, or "Offline" if any are not.
  • A server by server summary is provided on the "tools" page.
  • A detailed set of statistics for each server is provided on the tools page.
  • If a server is offline (meaning the ENDEC can't poll it), the AUTO led will flash on the front panel, and a message will be placed in the front panel buffer.
  • The ENDEC will send an EMAIL message to the "errors" address list when a sever changes state from up to down, or down to up, with a few minutes of debounce so you aren't flooded by an intermittent connection.

If you are connected to IPAWS, and if FEMA sends an RWT to your time zone, you will see it on the ENDEC's log page if you have a filter that matches RWT and an originator of Civil Authorities.

Older News
FEMA Conformity Assessment Program

The Sage Digital ENDEC 3644 passed the FEMA CAP assessment test in 2011.
FEMA CAP 1.2 Conformity Assessment Declaration.
FEMA CAP 1.2 Conformity Assessment Test Report.

Satellite Delivery of CAP

Sage and Global Security Systems have developed a complete end to end CAP origination, transport, and broadcast dissemination system. If you want to extend your CAP capabilities beyond the Internet, learn more about Sage and GSS.

Digital ENDEC Users Guide and Reference Manual
The manuals page has the latest full version of the User's Guide and Reference Manual.

EAS-CAP Implementation Guide
Sage Alerting Systems, Inc., is proud to be a part of the EAS-CAP Industry Group (EGIC) which developed the CAP EAS Implementation Guide for the effective use of CAP and EAS. The Guide is included by the FCC in its Fifth Report and Order, updating the EAS rules in Part 11.

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